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Glass Pearl Mixes

10 vibrant colours of first quality glass pearl mixes - cream, bridal, gold, brown, red, pink, lilac, silver, blue and green. Pictures are informative and contents may vary.

Fire-polished Bead Mixes

Traditional firepolished glass bead mixes in 16 colours readily available - crystal, crystal AB, jet, jet AB, pink, red, hyacinth, amethyst, blue. montana, green, topaz, multicoloured, multicoloured AB, chalk and silver plus more colours on request. Pictures are informative and contents may vary.

Pressed Bead Mixes

Pressed (druk) glass bead mixes in tone-in-tone colours. 12 colours available - white, black&white, yellow, topaz, green, aqua, ocean green, red, fuchsia, lilac, orange and anthracit. Custom mixes can be arranged on request. Pictures are informative and contents may vary.

Wooden Bead Mix

Wooden bead mix is made of over-production and second quality raw wooden beads made in Czech Republic. Beads are usually round with small or large holes, sometimes shapes are also included. Typical sizes 6 to 12 mm. Up to 20 % of the beads may be defective, but usually still usable. Picture is informative and contents may vary.