MATUBO™ beads are Czech glass beads with the biggest colour variety and perfectly lustrous surface bringing innovative ideas into the beading world. Matubo beads have a precise shape and come in many different sizes, colours and shapes with guaranteed size and shape constancy.

Bondeli colours are now available on SuperDuos, MiniDuos and GemDuos from us - 10 fun summer colours with very durable coat.

All Matubo shapes are now available in 16 new colours from a family called Rembrandt. Guaranteed colour stability and high resistance to wear and tear.

Miniduo 2-hole beads in 39 new exciting and vibrant opal colours in stock. Very nice and cheerful colours ideal for spring and summer moods.                                                

GemDuo - Matubo has created a better version of the diamond shaped bead. Its unique shape (flat top) and sharp lines allow the beads to nestle together with barely any space or gaps between them.

MiniDuo - smaller sister of the legend. Same shape like superduo bead but 20% less in size, precisely made and shaped bead with guaranteed size and shape constancy. Miniduo bead and superduo bead can be easily combined.

Matubo Rocailles - Czech made seed bead manufactured using a precise pressing technology. Superior shape and size constancy. Available in many colours in sizes 11/0 (2.1mm), 8/0 (3.1mm), 7/0 (3.5mm), 6/0 (4.1mm) and 2/0 (6.2mm)

Matubo Wheel - 6mm pressed bead available in many colours. The bead is produced with special surface treatment technology and high purity hole. 

Miniduo 2-hole beads now available in 14 new summery colours called Tutti Frutti and Tropical. Very durable coatings in stock

Matubo rocailles in size 6/0 and 8/0 in 12 new matt travertine colours.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Nib-Bit - triangular two hole bead in size 6x5mm has been designed by Matubo's own designer and teacher Nela Kábelová. The bead is produced with special surface treatment technology and high purity holes.

SuperDuo - the legend, the original, the best known two-hole bead in the world is made with love by Matubo in Jablonec nad Nisou area in the Czech Republic. This bead started the 2 hole madness that keeps on going and going. 

Matubo Rulla - pressed bead of cylindrical shape, size 3x5mm, with two parallel holes of precise dimensions with guaranteed shape constancy. Superior shape and size constancy, with special surface treatment technology.

SuperUno - one-hole bead of the same shape and size as superduo bead with guaranteed shape and size.